About us

Solarpowerk is one of the online operation platforms of a China based new energy company Weitefang, serving the entire Europe and open to global users. We integrate new energy supply chain resources worldwide, especially linking China's new energy industry with excellent practices around the world to help opitimize every new energy application. We are aiming to share efficient, reliable, and economical new energy solutions, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Weitefang is a leading provider of smart solar systems and intelligent new energy solutions with practices in technological researches and commercial developments in the new energy industry. It has a comprehensive new energy supply chain system both online and offline, and  operates in over 10 countries and regions, delivering sevices to more than 500 businesses,10,000 households and over 1,000,000 people globally. Weitfang is committed to bringing safe, smart and cost-effective renewable engergies to every person, home and organization for a clean and green world.